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Yearly Tournament
Sunday March 29th 7pm
after our regular 2pm & 4:30pm games!
New Wednesday night
games at Pure Pleasure!
March Madness every Murphy’s game!
We are giving away Hoodies, Tee shirts, hats, memberships,
gift cards and CASH!
All at Murphy’s Law. The more you play the
more chances you have to win!
Tri Cities Cup
April 12th 7pm!
APerfect Pair, Suit Up & A-Town
are all competing for 1 trophy and $350 Cash Prize
We are bringing our top 10 best average finish players!
Must play 10 games.
AC Tournament winner Mike Wood!
Battle of the Sexes Winner goes to the Men
Joseph Bowman as he outlasted 7 Women at the final table.
Terry Hackworth took a respectable 2nd place!
We have upgraded our points system!
Now you can view each individual locations points on the link below!
This is still just the beginning for APerfect Pair Poker!

Perfect Pair Poker is a local, organized, professionally run poker league. We run a points based league that awards points for how well you play and also rewards you for supporting our venues. We have two (2) tournaments at most of our locations, 7:00pm & 9:30pm, that allows you more tournament play. This will allow you to gain more points with an opportunity to win large prizes.  Our goal is to provide quality entertainment and nightlife playing one of the worlds hottest games…No Limit Texas Holdem’ Poker!!


Perfect Pair Poker is in the top of its class when it comes to Entertainment plus our PRIZES are amazing,  realistic, and attainable…we are not your ordinary league.  Our new yearly prize is yet to be determined, but we are open to suggestions!  Plus we have $CASH Member tournaments each month along with weekly Special tournaments to change things up & keep it exciting! See you soon!

We run a professional game with high grade equipment; copag cards, kings casino chips, table covers, and not to mention professionally trained tournament directors/dealers. We use the WSOP rules as a guide line.  All of our host locations are wonderful, have good food, and other entertainment. Our wait staff at each location is among the best of the best when it comes to quality service and is there just for us! We love what we do and it shows!!


Our qualifying season last two months. We are doing so well and having so many new players now you can qualify by playing and making the top 70 in points, top 5 at a venue, or by having a win! You also have the option to carry over one win if you play in 10 games in the current season. After all once you have won a tournament you have earned the right to play with best players in our Bimonthly tournament…


We are always looking for new host locations in Richmond, Southside, West End, Henrico, East End, Chesterfield, and surrounding areas! We are also looking to expand as we have 20 locations a week in and around Richmond!  If you are interested, please visit our host page.


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What's Happening

  • Thank you!
    Mar 18, 2015
    Just want to say thanks for playing with us! Our Family rocks and this is still, 5 years later, just the beginning for us! Your support by eating and drinking,at these free to enter poker games, is what makes our league possible! After all the years of AC trips, cash prizes, trips to the Bahamas, trips to Florida etc. ...
  • New Wednesday Games
    Mar 18, 2015
    Every Wednesday Pure Pleasure hosts us at 7pm & 9:30pm! Life is good!


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