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Atlantic City Tournament
Winner Austin Cramer
2nd Tracy McKinney
3rd Manny Medina
No More Games at Your Place on Monday’s!
New Location
New Cash Prize at Murphy’s Law
for winning the double 7pm and 9:30pm games
plus the regular gift card for anyone winning the 9:30pm game!
$5 Cash will be added each night if no one wins the double!
$30 tonight
Pure Pleasure/SteakHouse
Every Friday & Saturday!

New ways to add 15,000 to your starting stacks!
Show up an hour early to any of our games
and let the director know you are there
and you will now receive an extra 5000.
3o minutes early now gets you 2000 extra.
Share our nightly facebook posts before the game starts
and receive an extra 5000 to your starting stack.
RSVP on the nightly fb posts to let us know who’s coming
and receive another 5000 in your starting stack.
These are just a few ways, players have requested, to add more chips
and extend your nightly entertainment experience with us!
Thanks for your continued support over the years.
We are truly grateful and look forward to the future!



Perfect Pair Poker is a local, organized, professionally run poker league. We run a points based league that awards points for how well you play. We have two (2) tournaments at most of our locations, 7:00pm & 9:30pm, that allows you more tournament play. This will allow you to gain more points with an opportunity to win large prizes.  Our goal is to provide quality entertainment and nightlife playing one of the worlds hottest games…No Limit Texas Holdem’ Poker!!


Perfect Pair Poker is in the top of its class when it comes to Entertainment plus our PRIZES are amazing,  realistic, and attainable…we are not your ordinary league.  Our new yearly prize is yet to be determined, but we are open to suggestions!  We also host Special tournaments to change things up & keep it exciting! See you soon!

We run a professional game with high grade equipment; copag cards, kings casino chips, table covers, and not to mention professionally trained tournament directors/dealers. We use the WSOP rules as a guide line.  All of our host locations are wonderful, have good food, and other entertainment. Our wait staff at each location is among the best of the best when it comes to quality service and is there just for us! We love what we do and it shows!!


Our qualifying season NOW last three months. We are doing so well and having so many new players you can qualify by playing and making the top 70 in points, top 5 at a venue, or by having a win, and playing in at least 10 games.


We are always looking for new host locations in Richmond, Southside, West End, Henrico, East End, Chesterfield, and surrounding areas! We are also looking to expand as we have 20 locations a week in and around Richmond!  If you are interested, please visit our host page.


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What's Happening

  • New Season
    Nov 4, 2017
    Nov 1st - Jan 31st is our Current Season Top 70 overall in Points Qualifies for our AC Tournament. ...
  • New Season
    Feb 2, 2017
    Starts Feb 1st through April 30th! Qualify by getting a win and playing in 10 total games, placing in the top 70 overall or placing in the top 5 overall at each location! Good Luck and Enjoy!


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